TIG-15060 Adapter, Universal Pivot Pin Extractor

Tiger Tool

$755.99 $889.99

Adapter, Universal Pivot Pin Extractor

Provides fast and effective removal of even the most seized pivot pins, found on a variety of equipment.

  • 20 tons of pulling power

  • Eliminates the risk of damage to nearby components

  • Machined components manufactured from high-grade metals for strength and durability

  • Black oxide finished coating resists corrosion

Originally designed to remove Jost 5th wheel bracket pins, the versatile design of the aluminum spacer tube not only services these, but will extract pivot pins up to 6.5” x 2.45”, allowing technicians to service a variety of equipment with one tool. The 10705 easily removes pivot pins on loaders, excavators, tractors and a variety of farm equipment.

Traditional methods for removing Jost 5th wheel bracket pins require the technician to rely on a slide hammer—a time consuming, physically demanding process that can damage nearby components and wreak havoc on the technician’s wrists. The Universal Pivot Pin Extractor features a Hammer Adapter that “shocks” the bracket pin loose before the puller is connected, drastically reducing service time and the risks of musculoskeletal injuries.

The kit includes two sizes (1⁄2″ and 5⁄8″) of weld-on adapters, each featuring a centering nub on the mating side to ensure correct alignment during the welding process. Replacement packs of weld-on adapters are available separately in either size.

For use with the 15000 Pin & Bushing Kit or available as standalone kit (Part No. 10705)