BT-106J700 Trailer King Pin Gauge

Brake Tech Tools

$42.50 $52.43

Trailer King Pin Gauge

Measures Trailer King Pin Wear, Height and Squareness

Stainless steel, laser cut, laser engraved. Made in the USA!

How to Measure Trailer King Pin Wear:

Slide the round opening in the gauge over the King Pin to the "Neck" area. If the gauge fits around the "Neck" at the minimum neck area, the king pin is worn beyond serviceable limits according to the SAE J700 standard.

How to Measure Trailer King Pin Height and Squareness:

  1. Place the gauge 90 degrees to the bolster plate. If the gauge will not fit into the king pin recesses, the height of the king pin is incorrect or the king pin or bolster plate is bent.

  2. Rotate the gauge around the king pin 360 degrees to check for straightness of the king pin and bolster plate.