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Why Brake Tech?

There are several truths that exist in any vehicle maintenance facility.

  • Tire maintenance technicians cannot tell how much air pressure is in the tire with a thump of a hammer
  • Inventory turns are best judged by the dust on the carton on the shelf (forget the software program)
  • Technicians have a hard time telling how much brake lining is left or if the drum is worn out without taking it apart, and then it is too late...

The fact is that once the drums are removed, most vehicle maintenance facilities will ultimately change the brake lining just due to the fact of the invested labor, and if you ever have the chance to look in a brake shoe bin, you will notice that many of the brake shoes are in good working order and did not need replacing. That is due to technicians and mechanics relying on a visual assessment of brake lining before they can see the actual wear on the brake lining or drum area. Typically, they will always estimate the linings that are more worn than they actually are resulting in premature replacement.

Brake Tech Tools solves many of the challenges faced by maintenance shops and technicians by:

  • Allowing for accurate brake inspection without removing tires or brake drums
  • Increasing safety for brake inspections
  • Saving time and money in busy service shops and for inspections
  • Providing customers with accurate assessment of brake wear to ensure proper maintenance and to maximize driving safety
  • Eliminates the potential of human error in brake wear assessment
  • Allowing a brake wear inspection in minutes
  • Quickly & effectively assures vehicle meets trade spec standards at vehicle turn in time

Check the Cost of Premature Brake Replacement!