TRU-A-2333 Wheel Centering Kit


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Tru-Balance Centering Pin Set

For Steer and Drive Axles. Steel and Aluminum Wheels. Fits some trailers.

This is a reusable tool that is used at the 12, 4 and 8 o'clock positions when mounting the tires. Once the wheels have been mounted, the three centering pins are removed.

The pins are made of hardened steel to ensure durability and threaded inside for proper alignment and easy removal of the tool. One set includes three centering pins.

  • 19.50"/22.50"/24.50" Wheel
  • 22mm Wheel Studs
  • 1.052"-1.063" Wheel Hole
  • Steel & Aluminum Wheels
  • Steer & Drive Axles
  • Some Trailers
  • 4" Pin Length
  • Same As A-1573 but .012" Smaller Outside Diameter