TIG-15099 Pin & Bushing Starter Kit w/o Cylinder

Tiger Tool

$1,553.99 $1,999.99

Service both rubber-isolated and threaded pins and bushings while the suspension remains on the vehicle.

  • No need to handle or remove heavy suspension assemblies
  • Removal of the spring packs from the axle is no longer required
  • 20 tons of pulling power for efficient pin removal and installation

The 15099 Pin and Bushing Starter Kit combines with your previously purchased 17202 Hydraulic Cylinder to provide the most economical solution for servicing pins and bushings. With the use of one or more adapters, this system eliminates time-consuming, labor-intensive and costly processes; technicians are no longer required to remove the suspension, haul it to the shop press or reassemble it to the vehicle. Altogether, this system reduces shop time by as much as 70%!

With more than twenty different adapter kits to choose from, and with new ones being developed all the time, there simply isn’t a more comprehensive solution for servicing pins and bushings. All of the adapter kits are available separately – saving you money and ensuring you only purchase the components needed in your shop.

This system is powerful. Capable of generating 20 tons of pulling strength, even the most seized and rusted pins and bushings don’t stand a chance. Components are machined and assembled in-house, undergo rigorous testing and receive multiple treatments to ensure they’ll endure even the toughest jobs.