SKF-SRT1 Seal Removal Tool


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Seal Removal Tool

The SKF SRT-1 Seal Removal Tool is recommended for removal of most tractor, truck, dolly or trailer wheel seals.

  • This tool makes seal removal easy even on the largest heavy duty wheels.

  • Not only will this tool save technician time but it will also reduce the chance of damaging the bearings during seal removal. In addition, the old seal is removed intact allowing for complete failure analysis if needed.

  • With the wheel hub assembly removed from the axle, simply insert the hook tip of the tool between the seal and bearing. The unique design of the tool allows you to use leverage to easily and safely remove the seal, without damaging the spindle.

  • Simple design, rugged construction and ergonomic features increase your productivity and eliminate costly bearing damage.

  • Saves time — no more laborious prying against bearings or driving out seals.

  • Save bearings — tool grabs seal only and bearings go undamaged.

  • Easy to use — wedges and long handleprovide exceptional leverage.

  • Rubber grip for security in handling.

  • Heavy duty construction for long life and dependability.

  • Works with steer, drive, and trailer wheel seals.

  • Seal is removed intact allowing for proper seal inspection, and failure analysis if required.