BC-100-BB2000 Brake Boss Wrench

Brak Chek

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Brake Boss Wrench

Drivers wrench for backing off over adjusted (tight) S-cam brakes on trucks and trailers.

  • Hex sizes are 9/16", 7/16", 12mm and 5/16" square.

  • 9/16" for manual adjusters and Bendix ASA-5

  • 7/16" for Crewson, Gunite and Haldex ABA

  • 12mm for some older model Borg and Beck

  • 5/16" square for Meritor (Rockwell)

To adjust Meritor autoslacks, there is a need to back off the adjuster to disengage the anti-reverse pawl or use 105PWL, Pawl Release Tool, available through our online store.