BT-106HPH Holland Pintle Hook Gauge

Brake Tech Tools

$42.50 $45.00

Holland Pintle Hook Gauge

This inspection gauge applies to Holland Pintle Hooks only! 

Stainless steel, laser cut laser engraved. Made in the USA!

To Inspect the Pintle Hook for Wear:

    1. Using a Pintle Hook Gauge, check the wear on the hook portion of the pintle hook.

    2. Place the gauge in the pintle hook according to the schematic above.

    3. Make sure the long straight edge is vertical and parallel to the pintle hook mounting surface. Make sure the air plunger is DISENGAGED

    4. Wear-out is indicated if the gauge pin can be inserted between the gauge and the hook in the notched area on the wear gauge.

    5. Replace the pintle hook if this condition exists.