TSI-350B Back Buddy II™ Brake Drum Handler


$2,440.00 $2,475.00

Back Buddy II™ Brake Drum Handler


The 350B Back Buddy II™ will make brake jobs easier and more profitable. This versatile tool was designed to prevent injuries from awkward lifting and keep workers’ comp rates down. The Back Buddy II™ rolls under and bolts onto heavy drum and hub assembly, then handily rolls the assembly out and lays it over for servicing. Re-assembly is quick and precise because the Back Buddy II™ angles for perfect hub alignment, eliminating seal damage and costly fixes. The Back Buddy II™ handles all hub and drum assemblies with Universal Receiver and Adapter Sets. A simple change of adapters transforms the tool in seconds from inboard to outboard application.

*Adapters 6069 and 6073 10-hole inboard and outboard application are included
*Other wheel adapters sold separately.