GRY-8370 3/4" Drive Deep Length Pinion Nut Impact Set

Grey Pneumatic

$589.99 $1,006.25

3/4" Drive Deep Length Pinion Nut Impact Set

A set of seven (7) Extra thin wall deep length impact sockets for removing/ installing transmission and differential end yoke locknuts on a wide variety of trucks. You no longer need to modify an impact socket; or purchase expensive; custom designed hand sockets to service these parts. Because of the Extra thin wall design; larger drive impact tools with reducing adapters should not be used with these impact sockets. *Use caution and follow the manufacturer's recommendations when servicing these parts.
Set Contains 7 Pieces  |  3/4" Drive 7 Piece Truck Pinion Locknut Set  |  Metal Storage Case  |  Weight: 33.24 lbs.  |  Lifetime Warranty (Individual Parts Only)


3764D 2"

3768D 2-1/8"

3772D  2-1/4"

3776D  2-3/8"

3780D  2-1/2"

3784D  2-5/8"

3788D  2-3/4"