BT-107DBT Roll-up Door Torsion Spring Winding Bar Set

Brake Tech Tools

$48.00 $50.00

Roll-up Door Torsion Spring Winding Bar Set

For adjusting roll up door counter balance springs

These 16-inch Roll-up Door Torsion Spring Winding Bars are used to apply and release tension to your transportation overhead door springs.

Each winding bar measures 3/8” inches on the outside diameter and ½” inches on the opposite end to ensure that it fits most transportation style doors such as Todco and Whiting.

These winding bars feature a round, 304 Stainless steel construction for extra strength and grip as you work.

Essential for use while installing overhead door springs. This set of two bars will fit most transportation overhead doors.

The 18-inch length gives you the leverage you need for stability and control as you tension the springs.

  • 3/8” diameter on one end and 1/2” diameter on the other

  • 16” long

  • Durable 304 Stainless Steel construction 

  • Sold in Pairs only