TIG-70129 Hydraulic Pump With 6' Hose & Gauge, BVA 

Tiger Tool

$785.99 $889.99

BVA Hydraulic Pump With 6' Hose & Gauge

A more cost effective solution that delivers the performance and quality you expect from BVA. The high strength reinforced alloy reservoir is lightweight and corrosion resistant which means longer service life and greater portability. Includes 6′ hose and gauge.

  • Pressure relief valve for overload protection

  • Suggested air pressure range: 90 – 175 psi/ 6 – 12 bar

  • Designed to be used with single acting cylinders

  • 1.5L oil capacity

  • Dust cover protection for the release control valve

  • Maximum working pressure: 10,000 psi/ 700 bar