TIG-10201 Bearing Cup Installer, Bolt Retained

Tiger Tool

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Bearing Cup Installer, Bolt Retained

Accurately install bolt-retained bearing cups in minutes.

  • Accurately aligns bolt-retained bearing cups for easy installation

  • Reduces the risk of damage to needle bearings

The outside guide bolts are designed to ensure the bolt-retained bearing cup is accurately aligned for installation. An impact or hand wrench is then applied to the forcing screw, installing the new bearing cup with ease and efficiency. Installing the bearing cup without the use of a hammer eliminates frustrating dislocation of needle bearings, while also protecting surrounding vehicle components.

Spicer 1610-1880 Series

What vehicles will this work on?

This will work on virtually all heavy-duty truck and machinery type u-joints with bolt retained bearing cups. Also will work with driveline Series 1610 to 1880.