TSI-HH-419 Hammerhead "Tyrepliers"

Tire Service International

$260.00 $285.00

The HH-419 Bead Breaker allows for easy tire bead breaking in the field or shop.  The HH-419 Bead Breaker is designed for use on all alloys, steel, painted or polished wheels.  Completely adjustable the HH-419 Bead breaker will work on all wheels with diameters of 13″ to 19.5″ including both safety and split type wheels.

Excellent for use on 4X4’s, trucks, cars, ATV’s, garden equipment and trailers. These units are built to withstand continuous use in difficult conditions and are unaffected by sand, mud, moisture or freezing temperatures.

For wheels with diameters of 20″ to 28″ the HH-419-E extension is required and sold separately.

For wheels with diameters of 4″-13″ the HH-419ATV Foot is required and sold separately.