TNT-300-1 Super™ Demount Tire Tool


$867.50 $1,119.00

TNT-300-1 Super™ Demount Tire Tool

TNT-300-1 Super™ Demount Tool demounts tires 17.50″ to 24.5″ and Super Singles 315 through 445 including most radial and bias ply tires and the new X-One super-wide. Features include rollers to protect from rim damage and bead catchers that allow for wider range of Super Single demounting.

  • Tool will not damage tire beads saving valuable casings for retreading

  • TNT-300-1 demount tool eliminates the need to lift the tire and rim to remove bottom tire bead

  • Saves time!  A tubeless tire can mounted in as little as 8 seconds

  • Remount tubeless tires in as little as 20 seconds

  • Quickly demount tires 17.5″ to 24.5″

  • Use on tubeless truck tires including Super Singles size 315 through 445 and new X-one Super

  • TNT demount tools are ideal for Dayton type (center less) and Budd type disc wheels