NOCO UltraBright USB Flashlight + 10W USB Speed Charger

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250 Lumen LED Flashlight + Battery Pack

ChargeLight CL3 USB Charging Station + UltraBright USB Flashlight + 10W USB Speed Charger

ChargeLight is a powerful LED flashlight with an integrated portable USB battery pack. It recharges any USB powered device, like smartphones, tablets, cameras, MP3 players, GPS devices and more. Keeping your favorite mobile devices charged has never been easier. ChargeLight is an ultra compact lithium-ion portable battery pack, and can recharge any iPhone, iPad, or Android device, up to 2 times. Its high powered LED flashlight rivals the performance of most tactical-grade flashlights. At over 250 lumens, ChargeLight could be the compact and powerful flashlight ever. It features multiple lighting modes at various brightness and longevity levels that can extended the run time up to 120 hours of continuous use. Select between 100 percent, 50 percent, 10 percent luminosity, as well as, a self-defense emergency strobe mode. ChargeLight also includes pass through technology that allows ChargeLight to be charged and charge another device at the same time. It is perfect for anyone on the go, like moms, dads, students, or even road trips, hiking, camping and business trips. Includes ChargeLight with rechargeable dock, 40 inches USB speed cable, and 10 watts USB speed charger.